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Default Re: More info needed

You are correct, Ritual Entertainment (Ritualistic is the fan website) is only the developer. We're very good at developing games and so are Novalogic, however they also have the resources to publish and market the game. They will be doing that side, while Ritual, in tight cooperation with them create the game.
Well, I'm sure that Ritual will make a fine job of it just as you guys did when you developed the QUAKE Mission Pack #1: Scourge of Armagon in conjunction with iD software (you were known as Hipnotic Interactive Inc., then of course).

I don't think that anybody in the DF community quite understands the logic of releasing two games within a couple of weeks of each other though since the expansion pack that Ritual is developing is likely to become a non-starter when overshadowed by Nova's "Joint Operations" which is much more comprehensive in content. I'm basing my judgement on the very limited previews floating around the Web such as this one over @ PC Games. If you compare that to the one concerning Team Sabre on the same site, I think you'll understand what I mean. PC Games has the two scheduled for release within 12 days of each other. If Team Sabre was to be a stand-alone game, then it would probably stand some chance of being reasonably successful, but as an expansion pack, I very much doubt it since only a small minority of players who already have Black Hawk Down are likely to buy it. That translates to empty Team Sabre servers at the end of the day...

However, if Ritual is only the developer, then you don't stand to lose out financially if Team Sabre fails to make it to the charts. <font color="blue"> </font>
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