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Default I\'m sick of no activity on this forum...

and since there is nothing to report...
Right now I'm playing alot of Halo. The new 52.16 drivers gave me a major boost in performance. And while the netcode sucks, playing on lan with my brother and cousin is alot of fun (wish there were coop).
Also if you havent played call of duty.....GO GET IT! The whole game is incredible and the russian campain is awesome by itself. Multiplayer is great too.
I'm at a stopping point in Max Payne 2 (even though I'm close to the end). Cool game that plays very well for a 3rd person shooter.
My cousin bought a PNY FX 5600 Ultra for $100 at compusa and it came with Splinter Cell so I'm finally trying that out. Alot of fun although I've never been a fan of slower paced puzzle games.
I went to two office depot's that morning and finally got my dad a microsoft wireless kb/mouse for $20 and I got a Lite On DVD Burner for $90. Thats the first time I went out and bought my christmas present. I told my mom, this is what I want for Christmas, I'm goin to this store in the morning anyway, can i pick it up? And she gave me money to go get it. Now I get to look at it tortured because I have to wait for christmas to use it.
Seen alot of hacks lately too, I dont know why. This guy was running around with a knife going, what he said was, 10000 times normal speed. You would here him waving his knife, and then see everyone die in the span of a second, half of them headshots. Then the next day I saw someone aim-bot and he wouldn't leave, then he did the same knifing speed hack. I hope the anti-cheats get updated, I got their steam ids but i'm not sure where to send them. I was going to send them to the servers but I forgot the servers' names.
Oh ya, also thug is a good game, and I've been playing the Need For Speed Underground demo for a while, the drag racing is addictive. Just incase you want it, I saved this site under my favorites as "demos." I'm sure you guys have run across it before, but it always max's out my download and has the latest demos that come out:
Ok, I'm done, just in the mood to chat i guess, this forum is so dead, I hope CZ is out soon!
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