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Default Re: I\'m sick of no activity on this forum...

what are you retarded?

ok, i can see you have a simple little mind, let me explain:

My statement: you suck at cs so you hack
Your statement: wanna play 1v1, cause you said i suck
My statement: I dont want to play 1v1 with someone that hacks

get it? now let me reply before you even post what a wuss i am for not wanting to 1v1. You have hacks, they work on 1.6 servers. No matter what there is no way i know your not hacking. Not all hackers use speed hacks or aimbots. Me and my friends all downloaded hacks at a lan party once, so i know what you can do (although there may have been some advances). I wont be able to tell if you have a no recoil, or lesser recoil hack on, or a wall hack, or an esp hack where you can tell where im at without wall hacking and neither will anyone spectating.
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