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Default Re: I\'m sick of no activity on this forum...

why would i be retarded? i knew what you meant that u didnt wanna play with hacks
Thats why your retarded. you think, oh wait, know that i meant something i didnt. did you re-read what i said? make sense? why not read it again. then take some english courses at the local jc.

Edit: here you go, I'll stoop to 2nd grade for you. ( would i explain this to my 8 year old brother?)

why would i 1v1 with a hack?

explanation: if i were implying what you think i was i would have said "why would i 1v1 with hacks?" or something simpler. I refer to a hacker as a hack.
To me you are the scum of the earth. why dont you go play a singleplayer game with god mode or some other cheats and have a ball, instead of ruining my game. I wish i was an admin on this forum so I could ban your ass. From the session i played with you when you hacked, I saw someone intentionally destroy the match i was playing. On top of being a terrible aimbot speedhack ass, you wouldnt leave the server after being asked several times.
I guess i just dont understand, I'm a competitive guy and i like to play honest games of skill. I dont have to prove anything to you, the way you played I know all I need to. To me, you are a pussy ass noob who sucks at cs.
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