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Default Patch availability concerns

I'm a bit concerned that new EF2 players are going to be put off the game because they don't find out about the patch.

The game itself - No kind of update mechanism and completely cut off from patched servers (can't see any patched servers)
Official game site - no patch info
Official Ritual site - no patch info
Official Star trek gaming site - no patch info for EF2, but a list of patches for the other games (suggesting that there is no EF2 patch)
Activision site - nothing on any Star Trek games anymore

I think that most new players won't stumble across Ritualistic or one of the unofficial fan sites, and decide that there are very few Ef2 game servers are that the multiplayer is poor, and stop playing it. But if those same players got hold of the patch, they would see a lot more servers, lots of other players, and far better gameplay.

I know this is a bit late, but please can we have links to the patch put up on as many official places as possible, it might just get some new players. It would only take 10 minutes for someone with access to change the official ef2 site so that the patch is in the download list! And I'm sure it would be possible to knock up a dummy server that enters the 1.0 server list and is named "CRUCIAL: UPGRADE TO 1.1".
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