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Default A Little Gift From Automator!

Don't say I never gave you anything.

Here's your instructions. Go to Target, check if they have any Madden 2004 for PC in stock (i wouldn't recommend any "Super Targets," try the smaller ones). If they don't (likely), go to guest services and ask for a rain check. The maximum amout of rain checks you can get is 10. You can use them to purchase any pc game for 63% off (the percentage the madden 2004 deal is in the add - $14.88 instead of $39.99).

I just did it and got Halo PC for $20.03. And I got 3 more rain checks valid till Feb. 23.

If any of you live near, I went to the Plano, TX Target (off 75) and got them there. The one in Allen still has a few in stock. So any Ritual peeps might want to check it out.
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