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looks like a pretty good read. there's no www, heres the link cz story

edit: The story isn't a story at all. This guy doesn't know what hes talking about. The whole article basically explains what counter-strike is, then at the end he messes it all up by mixing in things he has probably just heard were going to be in the game.

He's talking about cs then all this crap comes out. These are the last two paragraphs, this guy is retarded.

If you feel a little unprotected after reading the weapons roster, you can always spend some of your cash on armor. The Kevlar suit is a nice choice since it offers all-round protection to most types of damage. That it doesn't impede your movement is even better. You can also buy a riot shield which you can hold up in front of you with the alternate fire key. It protects you from most damage from the front but doesn't work at terribly close ranges and prevents you from returning fire. When things get really bad, the best you can hope for is to find a medical kit somewhere in the level and heal yourself.

While some weapons are tools, not all tools are weapons. The flashlight and night vision equipment can help you see in a dark area but they won't take down any terrorists on their own. Blowtorches let you cut through nasty locks while bomb-defusing kits let you, well, defuse bombs, I suppose. Cameras are needed in other missions, those where you have to take pictures of sensitive material, while small fiber optic cameras give you the edge in maps with lots of blind corners. But when we said not all tools are weapons, we knew we were making the exception for the case of things like remote bombs. You can place a few of these around the map and detonate them remotely as you like. There's also a radio you can use to call in air strikes, though that seems like overkill to me. I mean, they're only terrorists, right?

Ya, whole article nothing I didn't know already. I guess ign just wanted more hits.
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