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Default Re: Well its time to move on.

Hey guyz, I realize that we are passionate about SiN 2. But, we have to focus on some things that may make a publisher more likely to take notice. Just being excited about SiN 2 is great, H3LL knows I am [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img], but, publishers (obviously) think differently than we gamers do.

Therefore, we have to sort of speak more their language in order to get their attention. I signed the original petition, and will do so with any other SiN 2 petition that comes out. But, I decided to revamp the petition into something that "may" be of a bit more interest to a publisher.

This is not to say there is anything wrong with the original petition, or the latest version. It's just that I think publishers are so focused on the "bottom line" type of thinking, that we need to focus more on that area too.

If publishers thought like we did, there already would have been a SiN 2. Since there has not been, then we need to think more like them in an attempt to "hook" them.

So, here's my version of a petition for SiN 2. Use some of it, none of it, alter it, whatever you want. I'm just trying to do my small part to help out. :}


To: Gamers and Game Publishers

This petition is being started in hopes that the signatures will help Ritual be able to gain publisher support for the developement of SiN 2.

SiN was released in 1998 for the PC. Unfortunately, Activision forced the release of the game before it was ready in order to beat Half-Life to store shelves. Due to the bugs in SiN, it gained a stigma of being a "bad game". A patch was released shortly after the game came out that resolved the problems. However, due to the initial bad press (negative reviews) many people failed to purchase SiN.

For those that did purchase SiN, many who did so based upon the fun they had playing the demo, it was one of the best gaming experiences ever. SiN included many gameplay features and elements that had never been seen before, many of which have been used in games since. Ritual has continued to produce high quality work in their titles created since the release of SiN.

SiN had a strong and devoted following of fans, many of whom still play the game to this day. The world of SiN was rich enough to garner the creation of both the Wages of SiN addon pack, developed by 2015, and a DVD anime movie, produced by ADV films. For years, many fans of SiN have hoped there would be an opportunity to play a sequal to SiN.

Unfortunately, as of the creation of this petition, Ritual has been unable to gain publisher support for the development of SiN 2. Ritual has created a develoment demo for SiN 2. Please click the following link for some in-game screenshots of the main characters, Blade and Elexis.

We, the undersigned, are showing our support for SiN 2 in hopes that a publisher will recognize the opportunity to profit from the experience of Ritual, and, a devoted fan base willing to spread the news of SiN 2 via word of mouth (and keyboard), as well as our with our hard earned money.

Thank you for the time you took to read this petition. I urge you to send it to everyone you know to show your support. Show that you will be a paying customer for SiN 2.
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