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Sorry to mislead you guys. I was under the impression that this was a multiplayer only game made up of the cz maps, models, and sounds. This is true for the 1.2 version of rival's leak. But their irc chat has said that the 1.1 patch has the bots that were released way back when in the 1.6 beta. You just have to use the console commands to use them (ie. bot_difficulty, bot_quota, etc). Although it is awesome to see that the bots are playable, they are the older build bots and their navagation files aren't updated for the new maps. They operate normal on most maps, but some maps with drastic changes the bots won't even be able to get out of their spawn.

I guess we will still have to wait for valve/sierra to stop being greedy and just give us the game already.
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