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Default TS and TerraNova BHD EXP... compatibiltiy...?

Pretty quiet in here... ;-)

Well, I'm part of that discriminated lot over in Europe, lol.... so won't be seeing TS for sale over here until 20th of Feb, or thereabouts, I guess...?

Anyway, I've read some reviews, both positive & negative... I'll be buying it anyway, but could you please state if there will be released an update to fix the already reported problems with TS...?

Also, I've tried out the TerraNova BHD EXP, which got released (for free) almost at the same time as TS, and I enjoyed that very much. I've read about some compatible issues between TS/TerraNova/BHD, and I guess all parties are working on getting it fixed somehow... That leads me to the following question:

- Is there any possibility of Ritualistic cooperating with TerraNova, so that we (the player community) would get those two EXPs working excellent together with the BHD update, and with eachother...?

I mean, TerraNova's BHD EXP is already out there to download for free to anyone, but TS will still sell a lot since it's being promoted through professional marketing channels...

If you could state that your next version (or fix) of TS was compatible with the next version (or fix) of TerraNova's BHD EXP, and also didn't conflict with the BHD, wouldn't that simply add to the selling value of TS...? The same would go for TerraNova, of course, but they don't earn a dime anyway, but if they stated that their newest version/fix played alongside TS/BHD, wouldn't that simply add to your own selling value...?

OK, if you want the best for the DF community out there, please get in contact with TerraNova... Major Headache will be their founder/leader, and you can find his contact info over at, or at www.terranova-exp-com .... [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]
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