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CSX Easter Eggs
rizzuh @ 8:57 pm pst - cstrike xbox - 5 comments

Some nerd posed a nerdy question about Counter-Strike for Xbox, and what us normal humans got out of the following exchange were the first known CSX easter eggs:

"change your profile name to

!!UNDONE!! - Most of the text in the game will have a shaky effect.


PlumRugOfDoom -The Terrorists in Prodigy will have a purple streak in their hair.

Thanks to Mike424 for reporting what these eggs do.

Also in the thread is this relatively interesting tidbit:

".sxwad was a format developed specifically for CSX (it's not part of the xbox XDK) to facilitate fast, streaming, threaded level loads from the DVD. The compression format is unique to CSX, so there's not a decompressor around (except the CSX binary).

Models in CSX are a different format (optimized for xbox - the PC half-life model format is pretty crappy because it stores euler rotations for all bones instead of the optimized quaternions that the CSX version uses) and the model format changed enough by the end of the project that you can't decompile it with PC tools.

The textures are not stored in the model files (well, they are, but those are the old crappy 8-bit PC counter-strike textures which are never loaded by the engine) but in separate 32-bit resource bundles that are embedded in the sxwad. again, the resource bundles are substantially different from the ones generated by the bundling tool that ships with xbox XDK (we needed added functionality so we ended up writing our own exporter).

There's a lot more in the thread about how CSX is more than just a straight port and actually has significant changes to the file formats.
Sorry if you guys already saw this but I thought it was funny, they link to Rusty's thread too.
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