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Default Bringing CZ Assets into CS amp;threadid=70127

No. No no no no no. NO

OK guys. We want to make it really clear that posting links to, or information on how to extract or get CZero stuff is a big "NO". No links to extracted files, stuff you "found" that got leaked, etc.

I know it's "easy" to do, and I'm sure some of you think Valve "owes" you this. But the bottom line is it's not exactly legal at all. Go talk about it somewhere else all you want, but not on Valve's own forums.

You'll find threads on this subject will be closed, and the posters banned depending on how obvious (ie, stupid given this warning) the poster is.
This should be pretty clear. Though we won't ban people right away on our boards, we will remove posts containing links to Condition Zero assets for use in vanilla CS, including, but not limited to, skins, models and textures.

It seems Valve doesn't want people to use Ritual's assets in multiplayer, and we will respect their position on this and act accordingly.
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