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Default Re: Deleted Scenes .fgd

trigger_changekeyvalue - this can be really helpful in saving entities due to half-lifes crappy max entity limit. basically it works like this...

targetname => name of trigger entity
target => name of entity you want to change

now, here's where it gets a bit tricky. you enter valid key/value pairs and it re-assigns these values to the entity listed as the 'target'. the only thing you can *not* change is rendering-related values like what skin an npc uses, or what weapon he carries.

trigger_sequence - this one's pretty obvious. give it a targetname, and then assign it a sequence file to use, like so...

sequence_id => looping_stoplight

all the monster entities are pretty straightforward. place one, it's the listed monster with the listed weapon.

unless things changed drastically, the trigger_zipline was buggy as all hell, easily broken in-game, and could only point in one particular diraction in world-space.

trigger_killtarget does just that... kills a target outright, regardless of health and armor.

the trigger_usetool is for the new 'gadgets' like the radio and fibercam.

toolset => what item it requires. these are standard quake/hl numerical values (1, 2, 4, etc). not sure what each one is; experimentation should work out alright as they put a hud indicator on-screen when inside the trigger volume.

toolname => treat it like a targetname, what is activiated when the tool is used.

target => entity to activate when entering the trigger volume.
targetname => name of trigger entity

i'm pretty sure it also has the standard brush-based trigger spawnflags.

Item_generic - used for misc. modeled geometry in the world.

model => path and name of .mdl file (ex. models/props/trash.mdl)

that's most of the important stuff. i can try and answer any other questions that might pop up. hopefully somebody else can help fill in the blanks as well.
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