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Default Re: Deleted Scenes .fgd

i investigated the maps for answers


brush based

key: model
value1: *4
(not nessersary)


brush based

key: model
values: *205
(not nessersary)

key: rendercolor
value1: 0 0 0
(not nessersary)

i am not saying this is all they can but thats all that i encountered in the maps

func_snow, func_rain, bodyque, cycler_prdroid, node_viewer/_fly/_human/_large,
testhull and env_randomweather was never used in any of the maps

key: targetname
value: under_cover
(its only used in the levels wher you deliver a back to the drug lord, and it probably workes in conjunction with a script)


key: targetname
value1: somthing

key: display
value1: 0 (hide hud)
value1: 1 (display hud)
usual used to hid the hod on a scripted movie or when weapons are taken/given.
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