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Default Re: New Condition Zero (Deleted Scenes) Map Available

Kiltron I have a question for you

Ok the I have the retail version of cz and i have converted it to steam (cz and ds). now last night i was extracting the cz_swamp stuff into a couple of folders that i thought would make it work (condition zero, condition zero deleted scenes, czeror) but in the end i got this error that says something like "couldnt dll App" and some other stuff that went with it. So i tried to play a regular ds mission and it would always crash to my desktop so i figured i messed something up. so i uninstalled ds from steam and i redownloaded it off of steam and not the cz CD. So now its all downloaded but the version i have of ds is the one i downloaded off of steam. so now i will not be able to play cz_swamp unless i get the ds version from my cd? is that correct. If so I will redo the ds download off my cd cuz i want to play this mission really bad.


PS. I made a post on the steam forums and it looks like people really like your level and some people have a few questions that they would like answered. the post to the thread i made is down below.

good work on the map


PS AGAIN: How do i make a backup copy of my steam folder. i am a noob at this sort of stuff. i tried to make a copy of the steam folder on my desktop but it stills adds in things that i add into the original folder in my C:/ Drive
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