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Default Re: New Condition Zero (Deleted Scenes) Map Available

well i just completed this rather cool level, it looks amazin and plays excellently, the only problems i found were that my team were useless, they both snuffed it within about five minutes of play :P and a couple of other things. They are this:

where the LAW can be found (i wont spoil it for those who have not played the level or found it yet), you can get stuck on the boxes used to get out of the secret bit, just to the left of them

invisible enemies with mp5s. nice addition to the game! :P i could only know where to shoot by looking at their ejecting brass. i made sure it wasnt my graphics card or pc or anything messing me about by actually running upto the enemies, they are there but just cant be seen. However if you alert them to your presence then run away round the corner they come charging after you and look normal

near the final goal, a guy turns up with an m60 and when you kill him he drops two and stands there for a while with his hands in the air, you receive no ammo from his guns then his death animation kicks in

i have some screenshots of the areas where these happen if you want me to email them i will do, this might be needed for the invisible enemies part because it only happens in one place. Other than that i think its a very well done level and cant wait to see what new things people can build for the future of CS [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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