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Default Re: New Condition Zero (Deleted Scenes) Map Available

Originally posted by Guy:

I can only save at the first save point if I pickup the LAW.

Oh and after the area with the hidden pistol there is a chain link fense. Tried many times but have not been able to get over the fense. It looks like you can use the rocks on the far right hand side of the fense to climb over but the second step is a toughie =(. Maybe I am confused with the controls but does anyone have any suggestions on how to cross this fense? I see no other area to cut across =(

That is the only save point in the first part of the map. It's not not far...

To get on the rock (if I remember rightly) you have to jump onto the first rock, then crouch and move forward... works for me :-)

Cheers for now
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