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Default About SiN and HEAT.NET:plz read

Ok, the number of SiN players seems to be declining on Gamespy. What I want to do is hassle HEAT to add a few WOS servers and activate SiN CTF (if nothing else, then just active SiN CTF since it's already on their machines because the had to install it with the 1.04 patch which came before the 1.05 patch, which I think they're running now, or were the last time I played there.(whew...)). I want to start a petition, like was done to get SiN up to 1.05 on their servers. What I need is the HEAT e-mail address to send my 'proposal' to, the right one not that useless tech support one that has a link on their website. Does anyone who plays on HEAT have it, and could tell me what it is?
What I'm asking all SiN players past and present to do is, when I get it, or it gets posted, to send an e-mail to it asking for them to put up a few WOS servers and SiN CTF servers. All the currently playing SiNners probably won't be enough to get their attention, so if you'd icq or e-mail all the former SiN players you know/knew to do the same thing, it might just work. If a hundred (hopefully more) or so letters came in from a hundered + people, maybe they might actually put up a few servers. The reason I'm asking for people to do this is because the SiN servers on Gamespy WILL eventually dissappear, except for possibly a half-dozen (which isn't much more than are active now ) or so which will be temporary ones. If HEAT at least activates sin ctf, hopefully wos also, then there will be ONE place to play where you'll almost always find someone to play against. If heat doesn't update, then sinctf, wos, and wos ctf will eventually never have a server up to play on again, and I don't want that to happen. I'm going to search for that e-mail address now. I find it, I'll post it.

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