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Default Re: What up guys?!?!?

Anytime you guys want to play just message me on friends and I'll be there, but lately I've been sucking, especially in public servers, I'm too impatient in pubs and just try to rambo it all the time, I mean it's a pub, have fun people, don't spend 5 minutes camping, or walking, or setting traps etc, rofl.

I know wolf, I talk to him a lot, vac banned a few of his keys and *gasp* he actually doesn't hack anymore, as a result he's actually getting better at the game, if he were to play you guys he would prob beat you, I could be wrong though, lol. That's why I have respect in VAC again, they caught and banned three of wolfs keys, now he won't risk it anymore

As for the tourney, or just playing message me anytime, or if you can't reach me on steam friends (user name = Kalabalana) check out my new clans channel #team`pp, I'm usually in there.

Oh yeah, csnation is running a raffle on the czero ritual trading cards, they are also giving out signed ones, WHOA! rofl, anyways I signed up, if anyone should get those cards it should be one of us from the forum.

I graduated high school 2 years ago too, I'm a 3rd year computer science student, got a nice job, and a sexy girl I'm going after, I played farcry, but eventually got upset with the gameplay, it plays worse then the illegal leak of hl2 (not that I'VE played it!), I need a game where you can shoot reasonably straight with most guns, and yes, I also actually uninstalled the game without passing it, I wasn't too far, just got past the part where all the super monkeys are going insane at the compound with all the trees with bridges connecting them, I was about an hour past that
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