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Default Re: What up guys?!?!?

i saw that but didnt enter cause i was like "what am i gonna do with them?" but kala you have given me ideas... i gotta enter now.

Where do you live? I didnt realize we were the same age. I don't camp but I walk and try and all that in pubs lol, you probably wouldnt like me. I don't do any pussy stuff though, I hate people who have awesome scores cause the camp a spot with a good gun.

I never been in a clan, and alot of people who try and recruit me wont because i have no experience. I never went out and idled a channel or anything, but it would be cool, I have never even scrimiged, I just wonder what it would be like, and if i would be any good at it (people actually doing what their supposed to, or having areas to cover sounds cool, dont got that in a pub). I usually play in small clan pubs, that way it weeds out the noobs and hacks, I play with pretty good competition. But like I said some days are better than others atm, especially since I'm playing more basketball and doing summer stuff.
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