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Not sure about the co-op thing. Nothing I've ever experimented with. As for making cz_swamp into multiplayer, that's probably not an option either. Personally I think if co-op is hax0red into DS that's just asking for the maps to be broken when played. Since they were built with 1 player in control in mind, multiple players going through at the same time would more than likely break how the gameplay is setup. Any co-op levels for games usually have to be designed with co-op in mind from the start to function correctly and play right.

I.E. There is a part in Druglab where inside the huts, there is a large visibility area because of the open window where the LAW guy is. In order to control the framerate here, I had to make a lot of the geometry outside in that area a func_wall_toggle to hide and show it. Now if one player goes inside the building, and the other stays outside, when the one inside hits the trigger to hide the geometry, the other player will see all of this affecting gameplay. This is just one I could think of off the top of my head. I'm most certain things like this would occur in a lot of other places, breaking the game.

And I have no clue who put that in cz_recoil. First time I've heard of it, and looked into it. Damn funny though....heh
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