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Default Counter-Strike for Xbox

Well, I've been playing Counter-Strike on the Xbox for about seven months (playing it on the PC for three years). I got the game a few weeks after it came out, became one of the top players, joined a top clan, and always hoped for new maps...

...downloadable maps. Something that the makers of this game have yet to give us. If you think two unlockable maps are going to settle people over for the next game, you're wrong. I know that the odds of the Counter-Strike community recieving new downloadable maps are slim to none; and the fact that this post will do anything is a million to one.

When you "unlocked" Inferno and Office, I bet that you saw an increase in sales/players. Why? Because players want new maps. We don't want to sit around for a year playing the same damn maps; half of which we can't play in clan matches, since they're Hostage maps. I bought Xbox Live for two reasons. One being the fact that I had just bought Counter-Strike for Xbox; the other for downloadable content. Yet we never recieved any real downloadable content. Unlocking two maps 5k each isn't something that we want. Then I ask the question, "What the hell am I paying for each month when I could get more maps on the PC?" Partially because I'm one of the best at this game and that I'm in one of the best clans.

So think what you want. Two unlockable maps mean nothing. A few maps to think about would be:


And maybe a fun map, like:


I know that since de_cpl_mill and de_cpl_fire aren't official released maps and that you can't put them on to the Xbox, but anything would be a change.

-Logik P.
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