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Default Kiltron, do me and a lot of us a favour

Please upload the three new DS missions released in the steam update onto fileplanet, it would help a lot of us CD install ppl.

To be honest, I like the concept of steam but steam itself is flawed and I won't use it, not if my life depended on it and I'm pissed at valve for what they are doing to the rest of us.

I didn't pay to download a bandwidth stealing program that crashes every update and usually gets screwed up in a few weeks and will require a clean reinstall!

I hate valve for just leaving the CD install community in the dust and I'm sure someone will somehow get a legit reason to sue their asses.

Anyways, kiltron plz upload the three new missions(miami, truth and run) onto fileplanet and I'll mirror them on two of my 20 MG upload sites.
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