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Default Problem with Hammer: DS maps

I'm just learning hammer editor, and I've created my first DE map for CS:CZ, and now I'm working on a custom map for DS. I've created a super basic map with a spawn point and a monster, but I'm not getting any weapons at spawn! I'm using a trigger_once (target: player_spawn), trigger_sequence (name: player_spawn, sequence file: czds_dead.seq, sequence: level_start), game_player_equip (name: equipStart, #HP 100, give some stuff), and I also threw in an info_map_parameters (Weapon Buying: Neither CT's nor T's can buy). I spawn with the monster fine, but I get no weapons! my czds_dead.seq file looks like this:

// $position = .8 .8
// $fadein = 1.5, holdtime = 2, fadeout = 0.5
// $color = 240 100 0, color2 = 0 100 240


#pause = 10

#firetargets = "equipStart"
#pause = .25

Any ideas?

Fixed by deleting trigger_once & trigger_sequence, then changing the name field of game_player_equip to "game_playerspawn."
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