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Default kiltron; how does he do it

I never really had a chance to play cz_swamp through I had it for a very long time but today I played it and was amazed! Kiltron created an intense mission which scared the shit outta me.

The for, the rain, the enemy spawning scripts(when your teammate screams 'behind you!') the excellent use of light and the ambient noises really grabbed me and sucked me into the adventure! I've had many moments where I'd flinch/jump up in my chair because the map was full of surprises and neat stuff, I even thought I heard a scream.

I'd give it an 8 out of 10 because it was hard to defuse both bombs and I couldn't kill the leader while he planted or after he plant though I rushed and kill everything but it overall is an excellent map.

Kiltron, if you ave some free time after the developement of your other missions please make a multiplayer swamp map, that is, if you want to, it's you not me so you obyiously decide...
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