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Default Re: cz owners get to beta test cs:source :)

Originally posted by SpItoS:
Originally posted by Kalabalana:
pure [censored] bullshit, giving it to cz owners? you have got to be [censored] kidding me, I know it's a pacifier and all, but no experienced cs players will be in on this beta testing, VERY annoying, I was ACTUALLY debating whether or not to buy cz for this beta testing
I was actually thinking I should pay this $40 or so to get in on beta testing, not because I wanted to play the game.
If I were you I'd shut up. Just come play CZ and you'll see there are a lot more experienced players then you think. That was a useless post... Think next time you post instead of acting like a kid.
I PLAY cz, I have it, but didn't buy it, so from my PLAYING EXPERIENCE on the CZ servers, people who OWN cz SUCK (on average)
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