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Default Re: cz owners get to beta test cs:source :)

Kala and majority of league players stick to cs. Leagues aren't using cz so why bother.

"Mature" players who are looking for something more, like the new models, bots, whatever are playing cz.

There is nothing wrong with them or the input that they give valve for cs: source except that it excludes the input from the first bracket of players.

valve might be making some changes like no boosting in source. All the joe shmoe cz guys might be like "yeah, thats unrealistic and people stack in spawn and piss me off blah blah blah" while the league players might say "crap now i wont be able to get to those sweet spots or boost to plant the bomb."

This might not be what Kala is saying but it's my thoughts. I personally don't care much on the subject. I think it suck that valve is thinking with their wallets cause i dont get in on the beta, but i can see their reasoning. I'm sure cz sales will soar once the beta comes out.
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