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Default Re: What weapons do you wish were in CZ?

HAHAHAHA, guys, lmao man! LMAO!!! Hahahahha!

Seriously guys, think of what valve would realisticly do! You have the choices of a LAW, gas nade, gas mask, molotov and m60. I'd like to see valve program an ak74u from scratch! At the point where condition zero stands all valve will do with new weapons and shite is copy/past the code, models, sound, sprites and a place in the buy menu. They're not gonna make an oicw or ak74u or m16, they won't program brand new weapons, at this point CSX is better than CZ.

I'd like these:

molotov cocktail(T only): costs from 300-600 bucks, radius is larger than HE, blast does less damage, takes longer to throw and then to explode, starts large fire after explosion, fire duration(life time) is 3-5 seconds.

poison gas nade(ct only): costs $800, does 2-3 damage for every half a second you are in it, duration of gas(life time) is 5-10 seconds.

gas mask: ct only, costs 1000 bucks, can be picked up after death just like defuse kit(T can walk up and pick the thing up).

m60(T only): costs 5000 bucks, slightly weaker than para machinegun but very accurate.

LAW(T only): blast radius is the same as HE nade's radius, does the same ammount of damage as HE; very accurate and good for long ranges but does no more damage than HE.
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