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Default Runaway Trains Deleted Scenes Mission

Kiltron, the Deleted Scenes Machine, has released another new mission for Condition Zero. <a href=>Runaway Trains</a> sees you play as a French GIGN counter terrorist on a mission to stop terrorists who are transporting military goods and equipment on a transporter train, with an ultimate goal of launching a nuke over France. There are also several hostages you will be ordered to rescue as well. Attached to the release is an important note from Kiltron.

<blockquote class='quote'>This map really pushes the HL engine very hard. If you have a low end system, it's probably not gonna run too well for you. This mission was made for a beefy machine.</blockquote>
So, if you are ready to thwart Terrorist plots once again, grab the mission now from <a href=>FilePlanet</a>. The zip file weighs in at 14.7 megabytes.
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