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Default Re: Hey Ritual guys, what maps gearbox maps did u use?

Oh come on! Look at downed, the multiplayer version of it even has an easter egg from it's previous author; crinity left their logo and someone elses thing there.

Look at truth, it has also changed very little, the half with the waterfall(it is in the DS) was cut out for the multiplayer and the doors are no longer round as well as a new rock and some other stuff but the fact remains that it WAS and IS cs_toruko.

These got me thinking, what other maps did valve recommend for Ritual's version, I remember that the Ritual ppl also used the map de_vessel and thankfully didn't ruin it, infact, it still remains the same.

I know that druglab was called junglecamp.

There was a de_hankagai and a de_otaku(they are hankagai and run!...)

I also recall a de_silo(silo), a de_pipeline(pipedream) and ofcoarse de_genoserv(witch is now Rise Hard).

What other maps did you guys use? Are the rest yours(recoil, lost cause ect ect...)?

Some big detective work I've done here huh? It was very simple, all it took was my wally wad viewer/editor, some old screenshots and my nogen(brain).
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