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Default Re: I Need Help Kiltron

I was basically in the same place...

I finally figured out that the "door switch" in the room that contains the first hostage doesn't look like a "switch", it is flush with the wall, looks more like a control panel and not readily apparent that it is a door switch.

Also, it is not apparent that in the room with the "DNA" a wooden wall (an archway looking wall) will break and you need to run through there. I traced back the path I had gone to come in, and finally ran into a locked gate just after you leave the spawn area at the beginning...and promptly died because the gate is locked.

It appears like you have a spare "bomb" left, perhaps putting a glowing bomb thing on the wooden door and having the terrorist placing a bomb there, to allow an escape back to the spawn could work?

Or perhaps have the CT's that are waiting on the other side of the door make more noise, or something... I just didn't get that...

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