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Originally posted by dead_bwoy:
I can guarantee that the nav file for cs_miami_cz is NOT official. Official nav files are made by Turtle Rock Studios or VALVe exclusively once the "official" map has been released via steam. The DS sp version of the map "cz_mizmi" is out, however cs_miami_cz (the mp version) is still a leaked / warez version.
Regardless as to whether or not the nav I have (seen!) is from either Ritual or TR or Valve... it is place painted like only a small amount of the ones that came with the leak... (i.e. it was a finished level, unlike Bridge or Penal etc) but it is definately from one of the official software houses if not officially released....

I only noticed the painting after the update which enabled those Radio command things... (Rusty@Long Hall etc)

Anyway... here's hoping that Miami gets released soon enough... it's a cracker of a level...

Cheers for now
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