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Default Re: To: Any Ritual team members Re: Thanks

yeah man a true dissapointment. Microsoft really had alot to do with it though. They rushed development to release on what should've been half life 2's release date. The whole game felt like a beta. It still doesn't run that well on nice pc's and the net code is crap. Why they decided to go with server side netcode is beyond me. Yeah no hacks, but no gameplay either. They built a netcode for technology that is at least 5, if not 10 years away.

Anyway, I say that M$ is at fault also because of rushed development, but also because gearbox was constantly workin on patches after the release and microsoft tested them for months before they could be released. small (and i mean small) updates came in every couple months till finally gearbox talked them into releasing a whole seperate multiplayer game that didn't carry any of the warranty's microsoft had but was only compatible with halo cds and cd keys. It was a nice effort, performance boost and many needed changes, but nothing was going to save that netcode.

So there's the rundown for you guys, hope it wasn't too boring.
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