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Default Re: Using a home computer as a server

Originally posted by dead_bwoy:
I run a server on my PIII 1G 256MB RAM box on my home DSL connection. I can get up to 8 humans before the server starts lagging. This is the great thing about CSBot, you can run a home server with like 10 bots on and have your own 18 player server! Plus it's your server so you decide the rules/mods! I run Metamod, AMXmodX, HLBooster, and various other plugins for AMX-X. Google 'em.
For more info on CSBot, visit the official CSBot forums:
When bots are being used, it's better to run the server on a seperate box as the bots can take up a bit of memory. Unless you have a really beefy system...
the lag is because of your internet I believe

that's why you can run the bots no problem
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