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Default Re: func_train stopping

Originally posted by Grantax:
I'm not going to put the path_corners inside the tunnel, but something outside them..

I've said this because the compiler don't run the map for this thing (in fact i've said "put entities first inside", eventually outside the map).

Anyway, yes, the func_train, at the start of the level, spawn where the first path_corner to reach is.
But, fot the thing that you are making, the func_train lights have to be placed in the center of the map.

If you wont i.e. four ceiling lights; you have to make four func_train, and put enough path corner to ensure that the light spawn in the right position.

here is a quick image:

P1, P2 P3 P4 P5 are the path_corners
If you have four lights; put in the target of the first P1, in the target of the second P2...; just, no func_train spawn where P5 is.

I suggest you to read a tutorial that explains how func_train work, surely better than i did.
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