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Default Re: func_train stopping

Doesn't belong in this post, but do anyone know about a good fgd for DS?
Aaron's fgd is good, but some things are wrong, and he doesn't have monster_tripmine (or monster_mine, i don't remember)
I'll try to add them to my fgd after i've compiled my map if it's not to advanced to do it..

Aaron should have most of the credit for this, but i've added all weapons to the Drop thing (What weapon monsters drop) but i've not tested anything, and i've added monster_tripmine, monster_miniturret, monster_turret and monster_sentry.. And i looked in cz_trainrun, and in the turret, i found a key named maxsleep that i guessed was the time it searches after you before it deactivates..

I'll upload the fgd HERE
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