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Default Re: To: Any Ritual team members Re: Thanks

Hmm IMO, Gearbox would have probably made the best version of CZ (better than the current "default" version which is basically a stripped down version of what Gearbox promised). If they had actually been arsed to finish it, we would have had some great stuff (MSOTLY map specific skins, but also new game modes, new weapons).

I think Ritual made a Graphically superior game (Although the player models looked less life-like), but TBH, I thought that CZS was WAY too linear - every corner I walked around was like "bang bang bang".

You knew an enemy was waiting for you around EVERY corner, usually waiting to pounce from some annoying script; it made the game more like target practice than anything, and extremely repetitive (sorry). The level design would be perfectly fine for something like Time Crisis (with the "lightgun" on PSX) but it just wasn't fitting with CS.

Really, CZS should have been more reflective of CS gameplay - yes we did have defusing bombs and the odd hostage to rescue, but there were some ridiculous puzzles like "find the way into the next area" (motorcade and hankagai had some really illogical "puzzles" like this). There should have been MUCH fewer Ts, better AI and PROPER objectives to go to (the constant "emergencies" in DS sort of made the urgency... die); finally levels should have had multiple objectives to complete (not all necessary to complete the map), and numerous ways of completing them (see Raven Shield).
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