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Default Re: func_train stopping

Hehe, you must be desperate after missions for DS, because you don't even know if i can make maps [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] And you're asking when it's ready, anyway, don't expect something big.
If i haven't mentioned it, i'm making a train, like on Runaway Trains, but this is underground..
I have problems with 'AllocBlock: full' if you know what that is. (The error i hate most) But i'll get rid of it..

Edit: (Off-Topic) Didn't notice before today that the onlydamagedby is what weapon you hold when the breakable gets damaged, like if you throw a grenade, then fast switch to blowtorch (and it's only damaged by blowtorch) then the grenade will blow it up (If it does enough damage)
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