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HAHA very funny. That would be cool. The town is small (about 5000 people). We are out in the middle of no where being in Madras Oregon. There are only 6 of us here at the moment that actually have any skills at cs 1.6 and only my self that can actually play Beta. (i stole a CZ cd key from a nerd that has no internet. he didnt need it.) but thats beside the point.

It doesnt have to be a [R1TUAL] clan either. It could be the clan we already have going in town (-=CSM=- Counter Strike Masturbators) which we could continue to use. But lets wait for the game to get out, cause who knows how long its ganna take em. I could be out of highschool and into collage and not have time for CS. i dont know how old you are or your postition on the social ladder but if it takes any amount of time like with CZ we might be 80 before it happens.
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