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Default VALVe pwnd me!

I thought i was all leet. Some random best buy employee e-mailed corporate best buy saying that gamestop and ebgames was selling half life 2 so they sent a message to all best buys that the street date was no longer valid and to sell it as soon as you get it in. The best buy i work at started selling it on the floor, regular, collectors edition, and the strat guide. After a few hours corporate found out they were the only ones selling it and were liable for fines from vivendi so they msged to pull it from the shelves. Of course i got ahold of my copy.

I get home and open the box to see 5 cds in paper cases, a one sheet instruction manual (weakest manual ever; controls on one side, install on the other) and an ad for the x800 pro. I install it only to find out i need to verify the cd key over steam!!!! so i create an account for it, it accepts it, and i can "play the game as soon as it becomes availiable"!!!!!! WTF!!!! VALVe pwnd me!!

Theres no way to install the game without steam. You have to get online once to verify the cdkey and latch it to an account, then you can play singleplayer in offline mode. Smartest thing ever, but what if you have no net?

ANyway my exciting day turned to shiz. GG VALVe!
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