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Default //Nemesis Project//

Hello, Steakboy here of the Nemesis Project for EF2. This thread is the description of the Nemesis Project, the best project for EF2 if I do say so myself (and I do [img]/forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img] ). I get many people asking me certain questions every day (mostly on msn), "how is the mod going?" "is the mod still going on?" "Are you guys getting anywhere?" Well to answer those questions, here I am, Steakboy at your service [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

What is the Nemesis Project?
First off, for those of you who don't have a clue what this idiot [me] is talking about, allow me to explain. The Nemesis Project is a massive project for Elite Force II born on the home of all things good, Gaming Forums. A member named Mike Colle, a member I have NEVER seen before or after that, suggested that someone should make a map based on the newest addition to the Star Trek legacy; Star Trek Nemesis. Several of us (mostly mapping n00bs at that point) decided to make that a reality (actually I still have no idea how Fvillha and Pille got me to join, because i said I wasn't a good enough mapper to do it, but apparantly Fvillha's ale does wonders for people). So then we began to brainstorm ideas for our mod. Here is what we came up with, what the Nemesis Project is:

//Nemesis Project//
--A Modification for Star Trek: Elite Force II--
The Nemesis Project is split into two basic sections the MAPS, the MOD, and the SKINS

MAPS: The maps of the Nemesis Project are (as of yet) based around one single setting; the battle between the Scimitar and the Enterprise (along with a special guest appearance by Fvillha's love affair; the Valdore). This map is going to be split into at least (number is to be determined for sure) 4 maps:

- Scimitar/Enterprise CTF
- Scimitar/Enterprise CTF Special Damaged Edition
- Scimitar/Enterprise RPG
- Scimitar/Enterprise RPG Special Damaged Edition

The CTF maps will be smaller, have more multi-player-based gameplay and FPS (tho you could play CTF on the RPG version as well, you may just have to run the mile from one flag to the other). The damaged version of both are quite simple; BOTH SHIPS GOT BLOWN TO BITS! lol, always fun. The damaged version is based on the ships AFTER they ram each other, so my beautiful Scimitar fighter bay is all but gone. We havn't started on the damaged version or the ctf version, atm we are on the normal RPG version. There is still a possibility of doing a Scimitar and Enterprise RPG seperately as an even MORE extended version of those RPG's, we'll have to see . . . .

MOD: The Nemesis Modification can be called such because if all goes well this will also be a modding project as well. We hope to mod the following parts of the game:
1) Change the opening screen
2) Mod the Enhanced Compression Rifle to a Reman Disruptor Rifle (probably impossible)
3) Mod the Romulan Pistol or other weapon (not decided for sure) to a Reman Disruptor Pistol (again, probably impossible)
4) Other (we havn't fully decided on what else to modify for sure)

SKINS: We hope to also provide a skin pack to go along with our mod
1) Shinzon - Supposedly being worked on by Pandemonium, tho I am really quite sure he left the EF2 field for HL2, so anyone can still take a stab
2) Viceroy - Will be difficult due to the bone structure, but we hope to make it happen
3) Jorvis - Seceond Reman in command, also bone structure prob
4) Enterprise crew, Worf, Data, etc.

So that's us in a nutshell.

Why havn't I heard much about the mod lately?
Well, we decided it was best if we stopped spamming up Gaming Forums, Ritualistic, and EFfiles with our general planning ideas, and the DevZone at was taken down or reformated or something and we lost interest in posting there, so we don't go there either. We post our project news and updates on our developer forums (secret Tal Shiar Operations Center ) so we didn't take up space on other sites with mapping issues that no one was really cared about.
However, we just finished our new Public Forums. Head over to and check it out [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

How is the Project coming along?
Rather well actually. We have a Scorpion fighter and a Scimitar model thanks to 7. Our mapping team is doing quite well if I do say so myself (which I can 'cause I'm one of 'em ). We have mostly worked on the Scimitar. We have done the Scimitar Fighter bay, the 'Welcome Room' (that's what we call it anyway, not sure what it is, just the room with the big stairs and the bay window that gets flown through that Skills built), and the bridge(Fvillha's still the coolest). In my next alpha test for Scim-bay, I will include the basic structe for the Scimitar interior. It will include;
- Scimitar Fighter Bay 1
- Scimitar 'Welcome Room' (thanks to Skills)
- Scimtiar Corridor network
- Scimitar Laboratory (still mapped by me tho may be replaced by newer version by Mogelfisch)
- Scimitar Transporter Room
- Scimitar Officers' Quarters
- Scimitar Barracks
- Scimitar Engineering (again, made first by me, tho Skills will hopefully replace it later)
- Scimitar 'Brig' (built by me, idea by Forking)
- Lots of other cool stuff

Screenies of this should come soon

Also, I've constructed Enterprise corridors, and am working on the Enterprise bridge. Some other Enterprise sections are underway as well. The Enterprise Shuttle Bay for example is under construction by Skills. The Valdore is being built by, you guessed it, the Romulan Praetor himself, hair fetish and all; Fvillha.

What do you guys need?
That question I wish was asked more often. We need everything still. Most importantly the following:
- Enterprise Mappers for all sections
- Moddelers, we definatly need moddelers
- Skinners, again, we need them
- Texture makers, I'm doing my best, as is Fvillha and Skills, but we could use some professional textures here
- Modders, someone who could help us with making the mod part of this in general, like the start up screen mod, the weapons and everything like that
- Other, We will take ANYTHING you offer, whether it's just public relations, advertizing, or anything else. Just look at Pille, he signed on as 'Screenshot Maker'. Look at him now, site/forum manager and team leader [img]/forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]

If any one is AT ALL interested in joining our modding team drop me a line at and let me know.

Additionally, any suggestions on sections are still more than welcome. We thoroughly enjoy any suggestions you can give us for the project, se feel free.

Hope you enjoy our project, map on guys!

- Resident N00b at Large . . . . -
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