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Default Re: Bosses and Innovation

Once again I must reference the modern gaming masterpiece Half-Life 2. Half-Life 2 brought new bosses into the gaming world through a mixture of physics, AI, Lighting, Emotion, and, dare I say it, sound. Now the bosses in both HLs have been sometime hard to spot because of how well rolled into the game they are. You won't open the door and see a unit that is obviously better and different than the rest all alone on top of a castle, but you will find a street path blocked by several giant "Striders" which you have already witnessed walking around. One of my favorite bosses was the gunship that attacked the small town you had just arrived at. You were forced to leave your car in the garage which took away one of your strengths, and then before you could fight the boss gunship you had to take on several squads of Combine Soldiers. Now I am pretty sure this is a new technique, weaken and then send a strong unit to attack. This made defeating the boss even more rewarding, because you felt as if you achieved a great feat. This boss was not a pattern boss, I could not see any pattern in its movements or strategies. This boss was not a "strong boss" because no matter how many missles I shot at it straight on it would survive. It was definately not the same character as me with more hitpoints, it was a f*ken gunship. The way to defeat it was while running around the top of a light house dodging enemy fire trying to shoot missles at it, using the laser guidance to make the missles do little tricks in the air while dodging the anti-missle system. And to add emotion to the whole thing, when you where re-stocking ammo, you could hear your dieing comrades screams.

That is a new boss, atleast to my knowledge, and it was a pretty good one to. But recreating it would not be as fun because it would be game X and Y all over again as STATIC3D mentioned. I am just trying to say that bosses need a mixture of ideas to succeed, and need to match their surroundings, not just be a powerful thing at the end of the level.
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