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Default Re: Boss Preferences

LMAO, good one ninken.

I thought of an idea for a boss that I don't know if it's been done. Have some HUGE nasty boss. You know, the kind that EVERY gamer would look at and say, Oh I just GOTTA kill this guy...or, OH SH*T how am I gonna kill this guy? Then, have the "twist" of how to defeat the boss be that you must let the boss kill you without firing a single shot that hits em.

Just like in SiN, have a room right before the big boss with every weapon from the game and TONS of ammo/health/powerups/etc. Perhaps even have a "new" weapon that makes the player think they must use it. Let em stock up and head out to see the final boss. Once they see it, most gamers will start shooting right away.

In case a player would mistakenly just walk out and get killed (thus "beating" the boss), add in a small puzzle element. Something like 4 buttons that must be hit before the player must let the boss kill em. However, if the player fires even ONE shot that hits the boss, they block the "twist". Basically, the boss gets even more P!SS3D off than before and uses some nearly instant kill attack.

So, the boss must be BIG/NASTY...
The player must have access to LOTS of weapons/etc...
There should be a small puzzle element that activates the "twist"...
If the player hits the boss with ONE shot, the "twist" is devoid and the boss uses some instant kill attack...

If the player completes the small puzzle element, then, they must let the boss kill them (perhaps while standing in a certain spot). This would lead to some neat cutscene that would show how the player actually "defeated" the boss by dying themself (ya know, kinda like Obi Wan in Star Wars...hehe).

I can just imagine the TONS of posts on forums about how the boss is unbeatable/etc. LMAO. :}
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