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Default Re: QotW: Worst Things About Favorite Games, Vice Versa

Before anyone else clogs the forum with this, I think everyone was dissapointed with HL2's ending, there, no one else talk about it, its over.

I don't usually play games that dissapoint me, so I only have two things to share.

1) All the expensive weapons in the Counter-Strike series suck more than the cheap ones.

2) Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance had the bad looking Sub-Zero character while Mortal Kombat Deception didn't have enough characters.

3) Now that I think about it, never make an RTS level where you can't build more units.

4) I do not like the fact you cannot shoot thing's limbs off in First person shooters.

P.S. Don't make games where it takes a long time to have fun *cough* MMORPGS *cough*

P.S.S. Ravenholm in HL2 could have been a lot more scary if the zombies were a little more stealthy and could walk on walls.

Sorry, I had more than two things.
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