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Default Re: QotW: Worst Things About Favorite Games, Vice Versa

Games that have certain areas/episodes/modes locked until you reach a certain level of proficency really bug me. Some examples: Max Payne not allowing you to play in New York Minute mode until you've completed the game; driving games that only give you 1 or 2 tracks until you win a race. When I pay for a game, I should be able to see all modes of play upfront. Maybe one of those locked modes or tracks or whatever would be more interesting to me than the available ones, and I might be interested in the title for a longer time.

Another thing that really bugs me anymore is blurry textures. For example, Doom3. It has great shadows, awesome normal-mapping and great specular-mapping on just about every texture in the game, but if you look at the actual textures, most are a blurry mess. Ever tried to read the writing on one of those barrels? Or looked at some of those pipes in the walls? Blurry textures should have died with the software rendering option. Game development companies shouldn't cater to people who insist on using the onboard-video with no dedicated memory or who haven't upgraded their systems in 6 years. Keep up or get out of the way.
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