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Default Re: QotW: Worst Things About Favorite Games, Vice V

The ear infection sucks man, I just finished one off myself, </sympathy>

Anyway, speaking of Max Payne, absolutely loved the game, but when devs want to mix things up a little bit they should consider special sequences to be a highlight, not a chore. Case in point - the Max Payne dream sequences.

First time around the maze was not difficult and once I had completed it though it seemed cool, it wasn't very fulfilling, the second time it was just annoying. The oppertunity should have been taken to do something really special. Like Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis, if I recall that game had a cool shooting sequence where you were in a dogfight with nazi airplanes. Now THAT is totally awesome. Another game that had a lot of stuff of that kind was MDK. Every other level in that game had something cool in it, some special kind of setup that was not at all "de-rigeur" and really mixed it up for the player, so that you were rarely doing the standard thing of moving from level to level, slowly meeting new enemies and amassing an arsenal of gradually more and more powerful weapons, but rather you had you had a bunch of equal chunks to the game that varied greatly in content, while you had more or less the same weapons and enemies.

Sin kinda did this where you had a few levels in the same environment and then you'd move onto a new area that would be totally different.
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