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Default Re: SiN II annoucnement in XX days?

Don "onethumb" (sp) McCaskil - Good to see your post and this one....

From Blues News (As the community over there still debates who's fault the bugs were...and miss the point.....)

I worked on SiN, so I know of what I speak.

Let's get one thing clear: Ritual worked their heart out to make SiN a great, bug-free game.

Activision, as a public company with shareholders to answer to, needed to meet their quarter. They controlled the purse strings, and both QA time and time for us to polish lost out to making their quarter.

Business as usual. The SiN developers weren't to blame, they didn't have a choice. The Activision & Ritual QA teams weren't to blame, they didn't have a chance. If you'd like to lay the blame somewhere, lay it where it belongs: fickle investors and scared execs.

Luckily, Levelord, ParadoX, and Atkins are still at Ritual. They're oozing with talent over there, and they're hungry for a hit. Sin, if reborn, will rock.

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