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Default On SiN Episodes Multiplayer

Ritual's lead game designer Shawn Ketcherside stopped by our SiN Episodes forum to address concerns that SiN Episodes: Emergence might not ship with multiplayer:
Episodic content gives us the chance to introduce new gameplay elements to the SiN Universe and respond quickly to player feedback. Most importantly, it will enable us to give the community the multiplayer experience they really want. With the power given to us by the Source Engine and the freedom offered by self-publishing, we don't want to dump standard vanilla multiplayer on to the community.


One important step for us is to give you, the player, a voice in this process. To do this, in the near future you will find a comprehensive multiplayer survey on that will help us shape the game into a multiplayer experience worthy of the SiN name.
Click here to read the rest of Shawn's post. It sounds like Ritual is really trying to make sure that SiN Episodes multiplayer will be special and not just another tacked-on standard multiplayer mode. Now I know I wouldn't mind seeing SiN Episodes ship with multiplayer, but frankly, I'd rather wait a few more weeks for a kickass multiplayer experience (SinCTF anyone?) than being stuck with something that gets old in a day.
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