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Default SiN Episodes Fan Questions Answered

If you'll remember, two weeks ago, Michael Russell's Question of the Week feature turned the tables, allowing the community to submit questions for Ritual to answer. Well, the result is this three page interview covering a wide variety of topics, including the level of interactivity in the game, the difficulty system, Elexis Sinclaire, episode 2, SiN 1 Steam and many, many more. Here's a taste to wet your appetite:
In your own words, describe the most noticeable changes coming from Sin to Sin Episodes.

The game obviously looks a ton better than the original SiN, sporting high resolution textures and models, as well as more detailed environments. SiN Episodes also has a fully fledged physics engine, so when the player (or any of the NPCs, for that matter) interacts with objects or machinery, everything reacts physically correct. Compared to SiN, this takes a huge load off the level designer’s back, since this kind of stuff no longer has to be scripted. That also allows us to have many more objects in the levels, which in turn makes them more realistic.

Overall, things have definitely evolved a bit, but at its core, the game still feels like SiN. The combat is as tight as ever and our characters are still the driving force behind the story. SiN fans will feel right at home.
Get reading!
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