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Default Re: SiN Episodes Fan Questions Answered

How heavily did you modify the Source engine to accommodate certain features (gameplay, storytelling and such) that can be found in SIN: Episodes and SIN: Source and possibly Wages of SIN: Source?

We've added a number of improvements to the Source engine to accommodate our needs for Emergence. We have the dynamic difficulty system mentioned above, but also the Context Look system, which allows non-player characters to accurately respond to what the player is looking at. There are numerous other features as well, such as damage zones for vehicles, so certain parts can be shot off, and our extensive statistics system.
To which extent are you planning to support the SIN community with mods and other aspects that can arise from the community?

We're definitely going to support the SiN Episodes mod community in any way we can. For starters, though, Valve's editing Wiki is a great resource for modding SiN Episodes, since both games use the same technology. As noted above, releasing a SiN Episodes SDK is also on the list, and members of the team will be stopping by the forums on a regular basis to answer questions and hang out with the community.

On top of all that, one of the great advantages of episodic content is that the community will get a new infusion of assets every few months textures, models, you name it. Future episodes might also add new gameplay mechanics and technical features. So there will definitely be plenty of content for modders to play around with.
Interesting answers. I can only hope that you remain true to your word . . .

Will there be a separate SDK released or do you and VALVe plan to release an SDK version that can accommodate all Source based games (HL2 + mods and SiN Episodes + extensions)?

We are planning on releasing a SDK for SiN Episodes, but the timeframe for the SDK release has not been established. As for a shared SDK between all Source-based games, given that we have added additional functionality to the Source engine that is not part of the core Source engine, a shared SDK would be difficult to implement at best.
This answer surprises me, especially when I know and have seen that such a thing is possible to implement.

The developers behind GTK Radiant clearly don't see this as a difficulty, which resulted into an editor that is capable of supporting a wide range of Quake 3 based games, which ranges from Quake 3 itself to Call of Duty (2) and even the new Doom 3 engine (which is currently still in beta stages but regardless of that, I can do something with the Doom3 engine).

Seeing an answer as in "a shared SDK would be difficult to implement at best" makes me placing some (additional) question marks, since it is possible as described above unless you have ment that specific SIN elements cannot be placed within Half-Life 2 (same restrictions also go for Radiant, I cannot place Jedi Academy specific types into Quake 3), which results then into a entirely different question and answer . . .

Would you care to elaborate on this ??
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